Vine is best when you're Being John Malkovic

Two big things I like about Twitter:
1. Source of content – links etc
2. Glimpses of how others see the world

I think my Instagram feed was too weighted to people trying to achieve 1, e.g. Here’s a lovely sunset (satisfying on content alone.)

While theres some of this on Vine, I love how vividly those in my feed achieve function 2. Not since Twitter have I felt like I’m glimpsing these little clips of every day in a different head.

Perhaps it’s because Vines include many more ‘human’ variables. From how someone moves the camera to what they decide to film to whether they give themselves a starring role, these give me more of a feel of a moment (and a person) than a dodgy Instagram filter.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend it. Since I like it so much, it’s almost certainly doomed to fail (see Google Wave) so perhaps best to enjoy it while we can…