I'm Max(imilian) Tatton-Brown

I help founders accelerate and improve Product Market Fit from the "Market" side, ensuring we build things people want.

Recently, I'm helping build a way to use AI for work like it's second nature.

Beyond Work (2023->)

First non-founder, working on product strategy, positioning, research, communication and GTM

Max has an unstoppable energy that you notice the moment you meet him and doesn’t think like the pack.

Christian Lanng, Cofounder and CEO, Beyond Work

  • Market intel: customer/ market interviews, insights, analysis
  • Positioning: Website, brand, storylines, product taxonomy, outline etc.
  • Pitches + outreach: core, customer, investor, media
  • Use to inform ICP: use cases, category, vertical focus, persona

Househeld (2023)

Over a few months, I conceived, prototyped, built and launched an app to stretch my practice in hands on product work

  • Design + conception: Google Design Sprint
  • Market intel: Dozens of customer/ market interviews, quant research, insights, analysis
  • Positioning: Website, brand, storyline
  • Prototyping and development: Build and rebuilt in Bubble, Figma, Softr, Webflow, Airtable

Creandum (2022)

A year helping a world-leading VC define itself around its 6th fund

Max gave us a fresh look with lots of great ideas and initiatives.

Johan Brenner, Creandum

Augur (2013-2023)

Ran my own product story agency for a decade, productising our service based on client needs.

For example:

  • Augur Edits - created a way to offer clients predictably great content from the best freelancer journalists in the world, tied straight to their Comms strategy.
  • Augur Unbound - free pitching of funding stories for founders, helping young companies reach journalists who should know about them
Max helped us refine our pitch for key audiences and kickstart the relationships that will serve us as we grow. His understanding of what’s important in B2B and Fintech is outstanding.

Jeppe Rindom, Pleo

Our founders know they can call on Augur for solid advice, meaningful introductions and strategies built to help fast-scaling businesses.

Stephen Millard, Notion Capital