Does the tech scene need more humanity?

An interesting Tweetversation has been going on between a couple of leading UK tech journos Chris Davies (from SlashGear) and Mic Wright (freelancer for the likes of Wired & co.)

Check it out below (starting from the bottom)

The article they’re discussing is written by Philip Berne and a great example of the longer format of IT journalism that seems relatively rare in the sea of news that keeps the scene ticking over.

Personally, I’m a big fan of these articles and almost guaranteed to put them in Instapaper on the way home. They also increase my concentration on which publication I’m reading and grow my respect and rapport with the site.

In a time when Twitter sends me all over the web reading news, to the point where I rarely notice where it’s located any more, this has to be a good thing and worth considering for pages who hope to stand out.  It’s exactly the kind of thing which keeps the likes of Wireddeservedly thriving.

I think the second point they make about the lack of humanity in tech journalism not only supports this but also brings to mind another link for me with the world of tech PR. In many ways, the same requirements can make a good pitch stand out and explain the human concerns which even the most obscure B2B enterprise tech can remedy.

What do you think?

Do you agree with the guys? Do longer articles do it for you or are you happy with the NiBs online? Or perhaps you just share Chris Davies mancrush for Philip Berne?

Chip in with your thoughts below.