Is there a PR career sweet spot?

A PR career is a funny thing. The account exec role births you into a chaotic world of frenzied media relations and client report deadlines. But no sooner do you get a grip on these fundamentals than the skillset gives way bit by bit to a dynamic of planning, strategy and deeper client management.

In my experience, both requirements are deeply satisfying but in enormously different ways.  What I’m wondering is if there’s a sweetspot somewhere along the career ladder where you get the best of both worlds. After all, there are only traditionally so many positions available- AE, AM, AD/ AssD, MD.

Careering towards destiny?

Perhaps it comes at different points for everyone. Perhaps it depends to some extent on your agency and what strengths your team requires from you. Perhaps the ‘Senior’ roles (SAE/ SAM) bring a not insignificant granularity too. After all, you’re still doing the same job but for more money and with the excitement of learning the next level’s skills.

Sitting as I do near the middle of this chain,  I suppose I can’t comment on the big picture but I do know that things get more and more interesting as I move up the ladder.

Tell me the truth

So what’s your perspective? Is there really a best role? Are you in it? Have you just moved to MD and long for the days of call-ins? Or would you never go back? And where do freelancers come into all this?

Interested in the thoughts of some of you more experienced readers…