How do I filter tweets from TweetDeck?

We’ve all seen it – it’s one of those days. A “trender”. Something you have little to no interest in (Big Brother, X Factor, Cricket) will now litter your feed tweet after tweet, with no end in sight. Once you’ve heard that Steve Jobs is on the way out, you don’t necessarily need to see the inevitable second wave of jokes, then the backlash, then the backlash against the backlash.

But fear not intrepid tweeter, there is an alternative. Meet TweetDeck’s little known filtering abilities…

How do I filter tweets from TweetDeck?

You’ve got two handy options – one to apply the choice just to a single column or search, the other to apply it globally across the whole app.

Option A: The TweetDeck Global Filter

Handily nested in the TweetDeck preferences, you should find this one pretty straight forward

Option B: Column filters

At the bottom of each column, you should find a second option to either filter inclusively (only show me posts with the word hamburger) or exclusively (by telling it to ignore the topic you aren’t interested in.)

Problem solved!

If you have any other top tips for TweetDeck, share them in the comments, there always seem to be little intricacies popping up in the dull grey tool that has potential beyond their awareness.