Email won't send with O2 Broadband? Here's the solution.

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Having spent days trying to get my work email to send after getting O2 Broadband, a solution emerged from their excellent Twitter customer service.

From a ton of internet stalking, I knew it was something to do with the SMTP service being blocked according to a load of reading but none of the solutions out there worked for me.

So I turned to Twitter and it looks like adding “” was the solution. Seeing as I didn’t see this info out there anywhere else during my search, thought I would get this up for any of you other desperate people with an outbox clogged with despair.

Hope it helps!

How to fix SMTP issues with O2 Broadband

How to fix SMTP issues with O2

Customer service win.

Storified by Max Tatton-Brown · Thu, Apr 05 2012 04:45:18

Banging head against wall with @O2 broadband blocking my email’s SMTP at home. Can’t send any outgoing mail…Max Tatton-Brown
@MaxTB Hi Max, that’s odd we don’t block email SMTP’s :-/ Which settings do you have? Are you trying from an email client like outlook?O2 in the UK
@O2 Thanks for getting in touch – had had the issue before in past and lots of chat like this out there: Tatton-Brown
@O2 I’m using IMAP email through Apple Mail and using the standard SMTP address that works from e.g. Starbucks on my work laptop.Max Tatton-Brown
@MaxTB you need to change the SMTP server to to send email from a non-o2 email account on an O2 Broadband connectionO2 in the UK
@O2 Good tip – didn’t have that address before. Do I need to authenticate it with any username/ password etc?Max Tatton-Brown
@MaxTB nope 🙂 authentication isn’t required MaxO2 in the UK
@O2 Not going to lie, I am very much in love with you right now O2. I would do something to celebrate our love but all these people are hereMax Tatton-Brown
@O2 Suffice to say it worked and I will be naming my firstborn "@O2" In your honour. May you live a long life and have many wives.Max Tatton-Brown