Could PRs become the next best journalists?

For years, the world of PR has played host to aliens from the other side of its universe as journo after journo made the move from Editor to “head of content” or similar.

And while historically there have been leaps in the opposite direction, it’s generally more like a step back to square one on the career snakes and ladders board.

But with news, content creation and scheduling such an integral part of the modern PR’s toolkit, will we start to see more equal career transitions? Are modern PR agencies now breeding the BBC News Editors of the future…?

Furthermore, having integrated the old journos, who are presumably passing on a lot of their knowledge to PRs beneath them, are things now turning full circle? Is there as much talent in journalistic areas within PR agencies now as there is at the publications?

I suspect we’ll see more and more as time goes on. Be interested to hear any examples of people making the switch to journalism at a higher level.