Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal

Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal:


What does identity mean? It’s not knowing your age, gender, and rough whereabouts. That has some value in the ads space, but it’s pretty minimal. Despite the various social media paranoia memes, no one cares about your baby photos either.

No. It’s about knowing that the same person who is browsing for a pair of shoes on Zappos.com on their work computer is the same person who’s whiling away a few minutes on their iPhone later that day while waiting for a friend. And also knowing it’s that same person who’s checking Twitter on their iPad when they get home that night.

Threading together all those experiences (one desktop computer two mobile devices) is something nobody actually does these days. There’s a tiny minority of companies who can even do this, but Twitter is one of them (Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are the others).