"What’s your engagement currency?"

“What’s your engagement currency?”

Engagement Currency | whatleydude

There’s an interesting conflict going on here and I think it’s to do with ‘exchange’ as an aspect of currency.

To rephrase some of this in a way that feels clearer to me: In the Heineken example, you make yourself a QR code but thats not the currency itself, it just creates or reframes a potential transaction. It lowers the barrier of entry, changes the relationship about ‘cost’ of accessing the value to you as another community member locked up in currency in that person.

E.g. Pretty girl wandering around. You want to talk to her, you need an excuse. Heineken has linked itself to both the opp to for the girl to more easily invite you to exchange currency (interaction…) and you to take them up on the offer.

Creating exchange opportunities is a natural concept in communities — but the currency link is a really nice way to frame it in language. The only weird anomaly is that an interaction often generates more currency for both involved instead of moving it from one to another.

Altogether a very interesting metaphor.