What is Google Findy?

What have I Foundy?

Google’s little secret

I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t have much more to ask here than the question: What is Google Findy?

I stumbled upon it during a recent search but strangely it isn’t on GoogleBing or Yahoo anywhere.  Perhaps it’s just linked to The Scottish Business and Entrepreneurship Awards but that seems unlikely too…

When I clicked on “Take our survey”, I was sent to a generic enough page with no Google Findy references at all. When I went back to the experiments overview, it showed only two more unrelated experiments.

Can we find Google Findy?

So what is Google Findy? Is it possible that nobody else except me and one other flickr user have seen this? I even buzzed @charlesarthur, @zee and other normally inquisitive journos only to get no response.

What is Google Findy? Let’s findy out together.  If you can help me prove I’m not going mad, get in touch.