Trying Ghost for blogging

Playing with Ghost.

Trying Ghost for blogging
Cheap dates. boom boom.

Hello World... as they say.

Well, so far so good. This is ostensibly about the experience of trying Ghost after 14 years of Wordpress. But in truth, it's about writing again. About removing everything in the way.

Oh look, it's me. So that's how photos work in Ghost.

and we can use markdown too!

although I've never truly decided whether I like that or find it useful or not.

But I'm also using Obsidian for notes, so, like it or not, it's the order of the day!

I suppose this would provide an easy way to bring Obsidian notes straight into Ghost posts.

"Ghost posts" is nice, I think they should use that.

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These are what Ghost calls "bookmarks". I think it looks quite tidy. 1 thumbs up.
and built in gifs too. I like that.
And tweets. This was something I was thinking about today.
Now look, I think we might be onto something.

Let's keep trying this Ghost. Let's see if we can get a habit going. Twitter is boring. Most writing it boring. It's not for you, it's for me. But you're very welcome to come along.

Um. Now how do I make it go internet?