Social Media: the Talk

<< Originally a guest post for the Social Collective blog, stumbled upon it while Googling and decided it deserves to be here too >>

altNow, you may be wondering why we’ve called you here for this family meeting. But all will become clear. I just want you to know that your marketing manager and I love you very much and we would never do anything to hurt you.

But what we’re about to say may come as something of a shock.


By now, you’ll have noticed that you’re going through various changes. And not all of them are entirely pleasant.

Of course, you’ve started noticing girls, which is perfectly natural but beware that they may not always be honest with you.

But of course you’ll want to do your best to smell and look good for them. But don’t get carried away, and don’t pretend to be something that you’re not.

Sometimes, you might do something silly. It may seem tempting to try and push the blame on someone else. But if you really hope to grow up, it’s best that you’re just honest with everyone and honest with yourself.

Indeed, you may find some difficulty finding your voice and it may even break. In a worst case scenario, it could give way when everybody’s looking and make you look something of a fool. Don’t worry, it may be embarrassing but you’ll come out the other side stronger.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and talk to people – nobody likes the chap who turns up to the party only to stand in the corner in silence. Especially when their friends are out having a whale of a time.

Sometimes people will make fun of you and have a laugh at your expense. Don’t just ignore them, stand up for yourself! But if you start to hear the same criticism from serious sources too, it might be worth trying to address the problem itself…

Despite all this advice, you can be sure of this at least- one day you’ll look back on these experiences and laugh at how little you knew despite the confidence you had in your convictions. But that’s okay – everyone is going through the same process and we’ve all been there before.

Just be careful whose advice you take and remember one thing:

Do try to have fun.