What's Apple's Vision for the rest of us?

What's the Vision for the rest of us?

What's Apple's Vision for the rest of us?

I would say a lot has been written about the Vision Pro’s $3500 price tag — but it hasn’t, really. There seem to only be a couple of points: it sounds expensive + that’s why they can put better tech in.

To me, the more useful way of looking at it is what Tesla has done with electric cars. First, they built the model that can make the idea look effective, desirable and prestigious. Then, they move downmarket but get to bring that perception of quality with them.

This is exactly what Apple is doing with the Vision product line.

But it doesn’t totally answer what a non-Pro Vision might look like. Here's what I'm wondering about.

The Vision Pro demos show the ability to display your Mac desktop in visionOS — but nothing about iOS or iPadOS.

So what happens when you pick up your phone with visionOS? How could you argument the device with useful information? What would notifications look like? Or widgets?

With a smaller, lighter “non-Pro” Vision headset, the iPhone feels like a useful anchor. Picking it up reveals your intent in the moment.

Today’s Vision Pro runs on an M2 + R1 processors. How long until the M chip is in your iPhone? What other components could be used from your iPhone in conjunction with the rest in a Vision headset?

What would be the impact on price point 2-3 years from now, if you could slot your iPhone into a slimmer headset as the brains,  supplemented by R1(or 2 or 3 processor). Or maybe it’s on the end of the current battery cable.

What if “Vision” is an extension of those devices — and truly the baby steps away from an iPhone-centric mode?