iPad Thoughts- 1 month later (ish.)

A few more observations now that I’ve been using it a while.

Naturally if you aren’t interested in iPads then you might want to give this one a miss…

  • Many people express frustration that there’s no apostrophe on the main keyboard. However, a wise few are aware of a trick to summon it- press the exclamation mark/ comma key then drag up; the apostrophe key will appear as if by magic. More of this please Apple (but at least tell your users about it next time…)
  • Tucking a piece of paper into the top of the official case while folded over is the perfect way to write up notes on the train (or anywhere else for that matter.) Please observe the diagram above for evidence.
  • Because of Instapaper, I don’t regret getting the WiFi version rather than the 3G.  Loading up articles with the bookmarklet during my work day to read on the train home is a pleasure- if you aren’t aware of it then check it out.
  • The battery life is still brilliant, I do end up charging it every few days but it’s almost an afterthought.
  • Connecting a bluetooth keyboard essentially turns the iPad itself into a little 10″ monitor. Quaint and perfect for meetings.
  • Best of all, the keyboard is still absolutely brilliant and getting better. It feels as quick as a proper keyboard due to the excellent autocorrect for spelling- you don’t even really need to worry about hitting the right keys half the time.  As a result, I feel like I can literally write anywhere any time. Nothing to  get in the way of good ideas anymore.

But despite all this I was considering the other day what I would do if I lost it. And I can’t quite convince myself that I’d rush out to buy another.

It’s definitely a luxury and introduced the pleasant side-effect that I need never touch my laptop at home anymore but could I live without it? I guess so.