How to write a CV... with your life

Like most people, I like good ideas.

So I was delighted to see this Yo Zuck! Tumblr from “designer and thinker”, Youssef Sarhan, tidily highlighting simple ideas for how he’d improve Facebook. says he’s on 724 clicks at the moment, I’d say he probably has a fair few more on the way.

What’s great here is that Youssef is showing us that he knows his stuff. No need to fluff or gimmicks, just good ideas allowed to speak for themselves.

Old dogs don’t need tricks

Without decent previous experience on your record (or indeed under your belt), I can understand account execs putting the extra effort in with good ideas to stand out from a crowded pack. The delightful Laura Tosney and hairy Jed Hallam being the go-to examples.

But if you’re at account manager level or above, I can’t help but feel that you shouldn’t have to do that. You should be blogging, getting to know people (especially offline) or, best of all, generating work which creates a reputation to precede you. I won’t provide examples but I’ve seen a few which irk as often as they please.

In marketing, of all professions, your ongoing actions, behaviour and relationships should speak loudly enough that the CV becomes a formality.