How to work with MaxTB

A guide to getting the most out of MaxTB

How to work with MaxTB
Photo by Lucas Santos / Unsplash

I’ve seen some good examples of this and thought it was a good way to help people work together smoothly. The idea of this document is to give you head start on how to get the most out of me.

Mornings for focus, afternoons for meeting
My energy levels are highest in the morning, and by the afternoon I'm flagging and benefit from the stimulation of other people

Challenge me!
I absolutely love it when someone changes my mind on a topic. I can seem quite stubborn and passionate – but in most cases that's a sign I feel we're in a safe space to test an idea and try to break it, then fix it together.

I find it hard not to try and solve issues with systems and products
If it's something we're going to do 10x, I want to make it better and set up 10x rewards before doing it once. If we're trying to deliver something and there's an element that's inconsistent or threatening the core then I might ask why we don't remove it.

Async vs sync
I think one of the most important tricks of modern work is knowing when to get together and work the problem together vs when to handle asynchronously instead. For example, I like to use Loom to talk through things for people to review, so when we meet in person we can cut to the chase of collaborating.

Getting Things Done changed my life
If your systems work well, it frees you up to think and be creative. The ultimate collaboration lets you have a shared project space, which lists tasks with attached deadlines, owners, files and communication. Nothing divided, one source of truth. Less stressful, fewer channels to check. We'll get there one day!

I try to front load everything
Crunch the week's key tasks on Monday, the month's tasks in the first week, the quarter's tasks in the first month. This gives resilience for unexpected twists, and space for serendipity.

I want to learn from you
I ask a lot of questions because I believe most of the answers aren't in my head, but out in the world to find.