How Jack Dorsey Makes Meetings At Square More Transparent

How Jack Dorsey Makes Meetings At Square More Transparent:

“Any meeting of more than two people, someone’s required to take notes and send them to an [email] alias,” said Square’s founder and CEO. And that mentality extends to board meetings as well: Last week, all employees were sent a 250-page report. “If we constantly do that, we can build a company that regenerates,” he said. “Selfishly, it’s just the simple thing to do. It’s very hard to keep secrets. It’s very easy to give information, and people can interpret it any way they wish.”

When you work for a company whose future you care about, this makes sense. But do most companies have a real mission worth serving? And do most employees care?

I started thinking about how it relates to PR and Comms — and I think the equivalent to considering things from the point of view of buyers you love is considering them from journos and audiences you relate to. If you care about those channels, you try to help them more effectively.