HouseHeld - the story so far

What is HouseHeld

HouseHeld - the story so far

Like most people, I bought a home because I wanted a nice space to relax with family and loved ones.

But with that home came a property. A bundle of bricks, pipes, gutters, drains, wires, radiators — which it turns out can truly ruin your day at a moment's notice (when did I miss the memo that not clearing your gutters can make water pour through your ceiling?)

Nobody buys a home to clean the gutters. Or get the boiler checked or chimney swept. And when you pile these up alongside a real job and responsibilities like parenting, the tasks quickly slip from weekend to bank holiday to months to years.

The average home disaster costs £900 (plus hours of stress and disruption.) 60% of people I spoke to feel they are too busy to stay on top of these tasks. 85% of the people said they’d made repairs in the last year. 60% (!) suspected there was something wrong with their home RIGHT NOW that they didn’t know about.

I don't believe it has to be like this. I don't believe there isn’t a simpler way. So I've made one for me, and you’re welcome to use it too.

Meet HouseHeld

What if it was easy?

What if you could sign up with a few details about your property and automatically list the most important jobs for the year ahead, including costs and timing?

What if you had a place you could easily save whole lists of tradespeople BEFORE you need them, recommended not by a paid website — but by your friends and neighbours?

What if you could request a quote with a single button, and chase it with another? Or get a second opinion on pricing? Or automatically rebook recurring tasks like gutters or boilers? Get Reminders every season for anything not yet scheduled?

What if you could plan improvements to make the most of your home and the tradespeople could tick off the tasks or add notes as they go to keep you updated?

What if you didn’t have to think about this stuff so much because you just knew it was done?

What if — oh who am I kidding, you get it. It’s HouseHeld.

A simple mission

I don’t need to be a billion dollar business. I don’t want to sell users‘ data for advertising, storm over the corpses of our enemies to get there. I want to build a product that turns a painful endless chore into a simple satisfying solution for thousands and thousands of households.

Others try to create marketplaces where they all compete to host the “best”tradespeople (it doesn’t work like that) so they can take money out of the middle.

Others try to include every single bit of minutiae in managing your home from meal plans to bin days — which just makes the job bigger and more laborious and threatens to overshadow the real important things.

HouseHeld helps you look after your property and make the most of your home. Simple.