Follow Friday - 18 Sept 09

Some telecoms examples for today's Follow Friday blog post.  Enjoy…

@guyatcarphone – Among generally worthwhile tweets, there are also interesting updates on cellular reception as the network inevitably collapses around the country.  A good idea and worth having on the roster just in case. Example Tweet:

Carphone Warehouse customer service alert: Customers in the DG12 postal code area may currently be experiencing loss of GSM and GPRS service

@sevendotzero – Jonathan Jensen, The man knows about mobile things. Bit supporter of .tel and worth quizzing on the subject.  Tends to be at the forefront of breaking news and speaking to the people involved. Example Tweet:

Good chat this morning about developments in WiFi with @mattcooke & @Nick_Sutton. New @ipass stuff happening with iPhone & Blackberry.

@mobileIP – Another example of a Twitter account accompanied by a great blog, "A Look Inside the Cloud".  Really interesting and informed insight into the Telecoms market, goes way beyond the superficial and teaches amateurs like me a thing or two.  It's a hidden gem and based on the content, should be on more peoples' radar. Example Tweet:

OFCOM releases first ever UK 3G coverage map … great news if you're a sailor, less so if you're from Norfolk!