Follow Friday - 4 Sept 09

A sprinkling of favourites for my first official Follow Friday blog post.  Enjoy…

@danworth – Journalistic chap who tweets those interesting thoughts that pop up throughout the day.  Also has an interesting blog on things like books, journalism and crisps.

Example Tweet:

In movies most aliens never wear clothes or shoes. Why do we think they will evolve to inter-space travel and yet remain naked?4:14 PM Sep 2nd from web

@brokenbottleboy – Having spent a stolen weekend in Reading with this chap, I can attest that he “knows things”.  Expect a regular stream of solid tech content and pay a visit to his tumblr blog for the best use I’ve ever seen of the platform.

Example Tweet:

The Chinese translation of McDonalds’ I’m Lovin It slogan is “I just like it” That’s much nearer my real feelings.about 19 hours ago from twhirl

@AsimQureshi – Fellow AxiCommer downstairs on the consumer team.  Regular and jovial comments on tech news with a chirpy slant and the odd football tweet thrown in…

Example Tweet:

Could this be the BEST iPhone advert…ever? think so! (via @thenextweb)about 18 hours ago from web