Dynamic Island? Watch it.

Apple Watch already solved the Dynamic Island's purpose.

Dynamic Island? Watch it.
Photo by Niilo Isotalo / Unsplash

The first year I don't buy a new iPhone and I managed to break my old iPhone Mini TWICE in two weeks around its launch. Ultimately, I've decided that there's no feature they can offer that's worth more to me than having a nice little phone.

Regardless, the Dynamic Island really tickles my curiosity bone.

I was listening to Nilay from the Verge and John Gruber talk about the pros and cons – and it struck me that there's some tension between the purpose of the Island and the Apple Watch.

When I dismiss something from the focus of my phone, having it instead retire into the top bar isn't as useful as having it spring away to my Watch.

I still feel like a key part of the Watch's nature is that it's the notification drawer moved to your wrist. I think that's even more true of background tasks e.g. controlling music, checking on a timer – the kinds of tasks Apple seems to be lumping together as Live Activities.

If it's about "Glance-ability", maybe a small response without needing to type, either the app is fine, or I don't think you can beat the watch.

I hate walking around town with my phone out for directions, instead it's really easy and intuitive on my Watch. Why would I want it up in the nav bar? I don't know directions makes sense as a demo for Dynamic Island.

If I'm listening to a podcast, yes it doesn't hurt to have it up there. But ultimately I have the now playing, all the controls, right there on my wrist.

It's a lovely design touch, and that's reason enough in itself. But not a reason to upgrade just yet.