Who am I?

Max Tatton-Brown has spent ten years helping founders tell their Product story with Augur. As of May 2023, he is working on HouseHeld.

He also writes about tech and culture for publications including The Guardian, Wired and Econsultancy.

Where can you find me?

Email me, tweet @maxtb or find me on Linkedin.

Disclosure statement

Here is a short statement on my ethics policy, modelled on good examples at Re/code.

It’s more than most readers will want to know — but we live in a time where writers, both professional and amateur, can be too unconscious about the influences on their writing.

I’m not a full time journalist or objective, professional reporter — I write subjective, opinion pieces including my speculation about what’s next in tech, marketing and startups. I’m most interested in how businesses work, how they influence the audiences around them and how technology is changing our everyday lives and culture.

Alongside my writing, my full time responsibility is running my own communications agency called Augur — we work with growing B2B technology companies, which you can find listed here.

Anything I write has total editorial independence from these clients and for the most part, doesn’t relate to their industries anyway. Wherever they may be some overlap, I will make the affiliation clear — if you think it should be clearer, let me know.

I don’t accept money, free products or anything else of value from the companies I cover or related agencies. I might eat a banana at their event or steal a pen if I’m running out and I’ll occasionally drape my significant other in one of their free T-shirts. I’d like to think this doesn’t impact my thinking. I don’t own any stock in any companies I cover.

I write because I enjoy sharing ideas or perspectives that I believe will be worth audiences’ time. These opportunities only arise and my writing is only listened to because I work hard to consider and maintain my integrity alongside my full time work in marketing.

If you see anything you perceive as a lapse in this responsibility, let me know here.