A history of iPhone taglines

Any marketer knows how painful it can be getting a tagline/ strapline that you’re happy with — and the choice of ‘forward thinking’ for the new iPhone seemed curious to me. So I took a look at the previous history of iPhone taglines.

I presume the stark change is to do with having two models, forcing them to abandon the ‘superlative’ approach (“Best iPhone yet.”)

See what you think.

iPhone: Touching is believing

iPhone 3G: The iPhone you’ve been waiting for

iPhone 3GS: The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet

iPhone 4: This changes everything again

iPhone 4S: It’s the most amazing iPhone yet

iPhone 5: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

iPhone 5S: Forward Thinking

Check out the full ads for each after the break.

and in reverse order:

iphone5S iPhone5 iPhone4SiPhone4iphone 3GS iphone3G iphone1